Granite BLS upgrade

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Some new bling for my Granite! Wheelie bar next!

Crap. I bought the regular aluminum one and put it on upside down. Lol I'll fix it asap[/QUOTE

Hahaa! I stared at my truck for 30 min. Trying to figure out how the hell that shock tower brace fit in there.. I was just about to say screw it and mount it upside down when.. I found a few pictures of it installed on Google.

I am debating between a wheelie bar from Arrma or the T bone racing basher bumper. Tough choice. I like them both.. maybe I will just get both!
Get the tbone bumper mate! It has the option for a wheelie bar. It's like 35 bucks when you choose that option though
I got the wheelie bar and it broke after a bad landing. Its still usable but I had to move some screws around. I see the t bone rear bumper in my future.
I have been debating it too long. I think the T bone bumper is gon be the ticket.

I think what Im gonna do is set a $30 /week budget and chronicle my progress. I will save the $ if I don't use it one week and combine it to do a bigger upgrade.

What yall think about that?
Thank you @springboardz !

Yes the T bone racing basher bumper will be my next investment.
I have lipos and a charger. That cost a total of $50! I got them from Hobbyking website. Thats gonna be 2 weeks worth of upgrades almost. I wanted to include the cost of Lipo and charger. I think it's a much better way to power your rc.

The charger I got is a Hobbyking brand B6 AC-DC dual charger. Charges lipo up to 6s and nimh up to 7 cell 8.4v . The 2s lipo i got is Turnigy 40c 2200 mah . The shipping was descent. Took about a week and a half.

The charger works well. Nothing special. It's fast and gets the job done. The Turnigy lipo is a bit low on mah. It does seem to give the Granite BLS a bit more punch. I will post pictures and possibly a running video soon.
@bogdaddyd82 - which type of Turnigy LiPo did you get? The nanotech or the blue? When you get it, let me know your experience with the HobbyKing charger. I personally stay away from their branded stuff, but that's just me (I don't have a solid reason for it)
@springboardz I don't blame you for staying away from HK stuff. I figured I would give it a shot. It works well for the $. It doesn't come with a manual. That's no problem u can find everything you need to know online.

The Turnigy lipo is the blue one. Soft pack. It's tiny. I would recommend getting an spc racing lipo pack instead. However the little Turnigy pack isnt bad. It just doesn't have enough mah. You can get turnigy packs with higher mah rating. But, then there almost more $ than an spc racing lipo pack. So that's why I chose spc lipos for all my future batteries. And the shipping is much faster.
@bogdaddyd82 - good input. I have a couple of larger Turnigy Blue packs (one that made a dent in my neighbor's roof a while ago from the last quad crash - that one is out of commission...), but I am considering picking up a couple of SPC packs and trying them out. From a shipping perspective, assuming you're in the US, HobbyKing has a couple of warehouses here now, so the shipping is generally a couple of days.
So keeping with the $30/week. I skipped last weeks upgrade and got 2 for this week. The Duratrax tires and wheels came from Power Hobbies. And with a $10 coupon it cost $35 shipped for all 4. And the other upgrade is a SPC 2s lipo hard pack 5000mah 50 or 60c i forget. But under $30 shipped! Looking good! Goin out for a quick bash n c how she does.
Btw my redcat racing blackout xte got a bump too with my old Granite wheels .


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