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BLX Granite BLX Overheating - Castle Sidewinder ESC

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So got my son a Granite BLX, fun little truck when it works. The ESC seems to overheat pretty fast. Running 3s packs (esc rated for 3s) and it goes into thermal protection at 180 degrees. I have no fan, and seen Castle has a fan for this esc but the RPMs are 10k. Was wondering if anyone has rigged a WTF or YeahRacing fan on the esc, or has any idea what we might can do?

Looking for recommendations...Go!

edit...when I say fast, I mean we cant even run a pack through it. I'm talking within 5 minutes it heated.


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I cut down one if them cheap Castle blower fans, zip tied it over the ESC and it helped. This fan I ordered should do the job. Also cut the battery from 45c to a 20c, not sure it that makes a difference though.
That changes the strain your putting on the battery, but can also cause the esc to overheat because it can't pull the amps it needs. 20C is pretty low, so keep an eye on pack temps as well. It's surprising how many amps even the smaller 1/10 esc's pull when mashing the throttle.

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