Granite Clone

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  1. Granite

Saw this on HobbyKing today, looks like a granite clone to me except the tires.

it does say 1/12th scale and no idea how it actually compares size wise. Anybody ever seen this or had any experience with it?
I wouldn't be interested in this in the first place, but even less so if every Granite part wasn't a direct fit. Otherwise good luck finding any replacement parts for this thing let alone hop-ups.
It's Wltoys models so most parts are available from Banggood, even metal hop up parts are available for these, they are not a bad little RC, but are a toy nothing more. I have a few of Wltoys RC's, for a cheap Chinese brands parts supply is better than expected.BTW Kraton V2 owner here, lurked a while on the forum but never posted.
Was never planning on buying it, was just curious if anybody knew how close it was to the actual thing.
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