Granite ESC problem (I think)

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since the runs with my Granite got shorter and shorter, I thought the battery was about to die so I bought a new one (6000mAh LiPo), only to find out that it wasn't the battery. With a fully charged battery the car runs for about 5 minutes, at not so great power, before it slows down and eventually stops. I tried putting the battery into the Granite of my friend, and it happily continued running for 10 minutes and more (now suddenly providing full power).

I guess this is a broken ESC, and the voltage cut-off kicks in way too early? I have the jumper for NiMH/LiPo set correctly.
Should I just buy the original ESC again (warranty is already over), or are there alternatives that last longer?

Hello, thanks for your answers!
In the meantime I found out that the ESC is fine, but the motor is not...No beep or movement with my motor, normal operation with my friend's motor.
Since the stock motor is only about 25$ I think I'll go with that one for now...

About the Sidewinder, does it have the one in the link, or would this Micro version suffice?

Thank you!
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