Granite giveaway unboxing, showing it off and questions.

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First off, a HUGE(!!!!!!!@@@) thanks to @WoodiE for not only the truck but creating this forum in the first place!!!!

Second, check it out!! I came home just as it was being dropped off. Super excited to have another Granite again.

Third, I have never had a brushed rc before. Ive seen it mentioned a few times that brushed motors need to be 'broke' in. I haven't read the manual yet to see what they suggest. But what suggestions do members here have?

And last, First upgrade suggestions?

Get a set of front and back tbone racing bumpers!l. Protect the goods!!! Congrats =)
Get a set of front and back tbone racing bumpers!l. Protect the goods!!! Congrats =)
I actually had a front bumper and rear skid plate for it all the way up until a couple weeks They were for my old granite. I cut up the skid plate to make braces so I could use the Granite wheelie bar on my Talion. And I was using the bumper on my If I would have known I was going to win this I would have saved them.

I watched a few videos on breaking them in there is a few different ways to do it choose what way is best for you!
I ended up searching the forum here and followed the first method I found

Second upgrade:
Ditch the stock battery
I only used the stock battery for the break in, then went straight to 2s for my first test

It looks like its time to clean the lens on you camera, those pictures are pretty hazy.
Its my case, I work outside so it's constantly subject to the
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