Granite mega brushed motor upgrade?

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I bought an Arrma Granite mega on Black Friday. I haven't had rc anything since I was in my early teens. Been having a bunch of fun with it broke a few parts but my LHS has them in stock. Upgraded my steering servo with one from Traxxas and it works great. I bought a LiPo set up recently and it ran great for the first few battery's now it seems slower and doesn't last as long. From reading on here I probably messed up the motor. What's the best brushed motor up grade to go with? Link?
@Nick-ls1 you're probably not going to get a huge amount of replies for "upgraded" brushed motors as the hobby has really gone away from brushed motors with the exception of RC rock crawlers. Not to say they are not around but the next upgrade step most would recommend would be brushless.

If you really want to stick with brushed you could check out some of Traxxas stock brushed motors.
@Nick-ls1 your best bang for your buck is to go with a Hobbywing brushless esc and motor setup. The best deals I have found are from Tower Hobbies website . The other good place to look is they have em too. Id stick with something rather mild.. say 4 pole 3000kv should suffice. The plastic outer gears in your rear diff will give you trouble if you go big with the motor.
Also , you may want to get some traxxas aluminum shock caps. The stock ones tend to pop off when going for larger jumps at higher speeds.
Dog bones too.. grab a few extra if you're going brushless.. they like to pop out and get lost.
Hope this helps.
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