Granite Mega brushless conversion

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would any other upgrades be necessary for brushless?
If you haven't already upgraded you'd certainly want to get aluminum wheel hexes as the plastic ones will be more likely to round under the brushless power.

Here's a useful graphic from Arrma RC as well showing the parts from the Granite to BLS to BLX:

If you haven't already upgraded you'd certainly want to get aluminum wheel hexes as the plastic ones will be more likely to round under the brushless power.

Here's a useful graphic from Arrma RC as well showing the parts from the Granite to BLS to BLX:


Has anyone been able to find the "BLX Gearbox Upgrade Set" - AR220039 anywhere? It's listed on this chart and mentioned on a few places if you google for it... but from what I can tell it doesn't really exist. I'm curious in case I ever decide to push my Granite BLS to the next level. After market motor/esc would be easy enough to find if wanted... but the gears are another story.
I upgraded from the stock 15t to a 3900kv brushless 60a esc and 20c 2000mah lipo for only $60 from amazon. haven't needed to do anything yet, crossing fingers. The gears are extra wide inside the gearbox making them a lot stronger. They have taken 2 batteries a day for the last 3 weeks Without too much of a hiccup (may have bent the axels where the dogbones connects) but nothing serious
I'm looking to get the trackstar set up and is wondering how hard of an installation would that be

Which set particularly?
I have had two sets of the Trackstar 3520kV 80A combo. And although a good bargain with a lot of power, there are a few downsides:
  • Lipo cut-off is too low, and cannot be set (even with the programming card). I would only recommend it for ni-mh, or add a lipo alarm to your set-up
  • No option for 3S, it will burn if you try. I can live with that
  • You need the optional programming card to make mandatory settings
The Traxxas 3500kV combo is almost as powerful, but mind you the bearings wear out ridiculously quick!
There is an affordable maintenance kit available though.
Hello Shadow...
I have not received my Granite BLX yet, but as far as the gearbox goes if you do need to upgrade, it should be the same stuff as the Raider Mega... I have the Raider and the all steel gearbox running a Brushless setup, so far so good. Part numbers for the whole 'box are as follows and can be had along with most other stuff Arrma at Amazon. Most of it on Prime.
AR310001-Gearbox set
AR320007-Aluminum motor mount
AR310599-Blx 2014 Input shaft
AR310016-Idler gear 20 tooth metal
This was from another member on the forum who detailed his mods for his Raider.
There is also a thread here...

Hope this helps... you will need the gearbox set to make everything else work in the Raider and I assume the Granite as well. It's all 48 pitch so it runs quieter as a bonus.
I'm hoping the BLX version comes with this already as I'm not keen to spend another $50 to convert it myself.
@Originalkontrol : your Raider Mega is of the 2011 or 2013 type. Later models have the "composite" gears as standard unfortunately.
Only good thing about the new version is the €50,- average lower price...which is the cost + something for the metal/alu upgrade gears.
@Unusual RC ,
Lol, I wrote that bit poorly... My raider is the newer one, or at least I assume it is, I only bought it about 2 months ago. It came with a 38 pitch all composite 'box. I replaced it just recently with the all metal stuff I specified. I paid $150 for the car.
I should have also been clear about needing the 'box I specified as it is slightly smaller than the stock Raider 38p all composite one. The gears are also smaller and don't work in the original 'box.
I recently found out the composite gearbox is bigger and not compatible with the metal gears, which belong to the 2011/2013 model.

I find it astonishing there's no compatible kit available.
And also why did Arrma made the motor mount and gearbox out of one piece?
It is cheaper, but can never handle brushless...

You did a fine upgrade, which makes your car a lot longer lasting!
@Unusual RC
So, a couple of things...
After some double checking, the gearbox in the Raider and Granite are the same part #. To Clarify about the metal gearbox, the metal upgrade "gearbox" and I mean just the box itself, is smaller internally only. The stock composite gears won't fit into it and the metal gears for the upgraded box are too small for the stock composite geared box. So if upgrading to the metal "gearbox", you need to get the box itself as well as all the gears to go inside. This whole thing will bolt directly to the stock Raider and Granite chassis. You do need all 5 parts I listed in my above post for it to work in your car/truck.
LOL, as far as the motor mount, and any protection being one piece, who knows?!?! I was pretty bummed about it and actually fabbed an underpan and motor guard to help, but it ended up not working for long. HOWEVER...
I did just order a motor guard and base plate (basically the very back plate underneath the chassis that the battery door hinges on) from amazon. This is at least guard for the motor, which you lose with the metal box upgrades. The good thing about having to get the aluminum motor mount plate is it kind of acts like a heatsink.
The part number for the guard/baseplate (I needed a new baseplate anyway which is how I stumbled upon this guard) is AR320181, which is the part number for the baseplate alone in the Arrma parts blowup. I don't know if i just got luck with the motor guard thing if if it's just part of things now. We'll see how it works. I'm pretty sure the basic chassis design hasn't changed with the newer models.
Hope this helps some, lemme know! I'll let you know when my new plate/guard arrive and I've fitted them.
Alright guys I have a 2013 model armor Granite Mega. I bought it used but it was still brand new literally only had a couple of packs through it over the last few years. I got about 10 minutes out of a 2s lipo and it was smoking from the motor. I have a little 3000kv brushless setup I would like to put in it it's only two pole and was wondering since it is 2013 model and already has the metal gears is there anything else I need to swap to make it brushless. Basically are there any Hertz on the BLX models that are beefed up then I'm going to be wearing out besides the gears.
I'm pretty sure it's just the metal gearbox and electronics- ESC and motor system. I run a 3kv Kinexsis system in my Raider with the metal box and it does just fine on 2s. I just ordered all the bits to convert it to a Granite. I will try 3s with that... Can't wait to get it going!
@Unusual RC
Got the rear plate and guard in an installed them. I think it's actually the stock Granite bits... anyway, here's a couple of snaps... I'll post some more once I get the Raider to Granite conversion done. With what I've done to the Raider already it was considerably cheaper for me to just convert it to a Granite BLX than buy one new, and I'm on a serious budgie.


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