Granite RPM #81162 Front Bumper

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I thought I would dust off my granite and chuck my 3rd body on it today, I went for a red one instead of blue. While I was taking photos of it, I thought I would post up pics of the front bumper for extra bash protection. I use the RPM #81162 bumper for the traxxas rustler/stampede and its only cheap. For the extra protection at the front, its worth every cent as its a wide bumper protecting the front from big hits.

I just had to drill two new holes in the RPM bumper to match the existing ARRMA screw holes that are on the bash plate.

Here are some photos :

Also check out the T-Bone Racing front bumper made for the Granite. They also have skid plates and rear bumpers.


I find that most parts that are not available in Australia often cost $25 or more to get shipped from USA. RPM is more easily available in Australia and if Tbone had retailers in Australia, I'd buy some from local vendors


Here's an example. It's almost $50 Australian dollars for one of the t bone bumpers from eBay or its just $9.70 for the RPM wide bumper from a local hobby shop. I can buy 5 RPM bumpers for the cost of me getting one TBONE racing bumper. It's probably not so bad for you folks in the US

Hahahahha don't blame u guy,.,,,,usd sux for austrailans and vis versa. Stuff from austraila cost only a little more but the shipping from there.....forget bout it...not gonna pay 25/30bucks shipping for a lightweight part that costs 8bucks

On the side of devils advocate the t bone bumper is freakin awesome. And i would still pay the 50 bucks regardless. As much as i like rpm t bone makes better bumpers
I was able to fit the RPM (#81042) with minimal work. For under $6.00 from Tower Hobbies. Two existing mounting screws were almost a match and only needed to elongate slightly to fit. Drilled and tapped a back screw for a little extra support and worked out great into the aluminum body plate. Also needed to cut back two existing plastic mounts slightly for a flush fit to existing front arrma skid plate/bumper.
Question, what exact tbone bumper do I need for my brushless granite. Will the $17 mega tbone front bumper fit on the blx. Or do I need to get the $22blx tbone one. Sorry guys, I just ordered my granite and have not received it yet but with all this good info about the trencher tires and the traxxas big bore shocks. This tbone bumper seems like another must buy for the granite. Great info. THANKS!
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