Granite snow skis

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Okay, I live in a desert and the closest thing we have to snow is a snow cone, so asking; would a set of paddle tires work in the snow?
They certainly look sinister but all my snow related traction issues are in the rear. Does anyone have paddles on one of these? Do they lead to understeer in snow with the dboots up front still?
Oh.. I have an idea... @Dustin Mustangs .... you can send me $35.16 for these:

and if @springboardz comes through with his tortoise or the more practical cash/paypal option then I'll have a nice test setup that I can use to play... I mean test in the snow so I can report back to this forum!

What do you think?... Brilliant idea right!
Wondering about the off-set on the link, they look like SC wheels and narrow the stance.
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