Granite spiting out dog bones

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I have Granite that started as a mega now it is almost a blx. i have added a Castle Creations 1/10 SV3 Sidewinder WP 4600kV System and that made the mega transmission turn to dust on 3s lipo so i changed it to the BLX trans with the steel gears with that fixed now it has started spiting out dog bones. cant figure out how/why stub axle looks fine and the diff out drive has some digs on it but doesn't look that bad. when i install a new dog bone i have pulled to the point i though i was going to brake something and cant get the dog bone out.
I have notice don my mega there is a lot of play in the swing arms on the bac. I added some spacers to keep them tight.. I also added two orings into my out drive on the diff Side and tire side... Seem to help tho my older granite BLX has no problem or play in the swing arms!
I agree with @LunchBox , worn out or missing orings cause it on mine. Make sure yours are there and pop them out to make sure they are not worn out. If it still happens, double them up.
O rings are important. Also I noticed that the diff outdrives on 10scale arrma trucks look more like this < unlike most diff outdrives looking like = that

I find the curve like arrma design has created divets in the outdrive causing the bones to more easily pop out

One person used a 10mm shock shaft and cut it to fit over the outdrives holding the doggone in

Personally I changed the outdrives and bones bearing carrier and axles also wheel hexs to team associated... used b4 parts

Found it to be a pretty easy mod except for outdrive install (just a bunch of screws...not too hard) enclosed the cva to axle end with shrink and filled it with grease...the dogbone to diff outdrive I used more shrink to keep everything together (it will fall apart without a associated thing) I used a locking wheel hex to ensure the the dogbone wouldn't break the trans when the a arms are raised all the way....took off the bones again and added the red I rings

Only issue after was somebody walking in front of the ramp I was on and I had to bail...jerk....tire got caught in the ramp ripped off the wheel popped everything in and it was good to go
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