Granite Steering Upgrade?

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I'm looking/hoping for a better/stronger option for the steering rods. Seems I saw something on YouTube or the message boards that someone was using Traxxas steering on the Granite but I can't seem to find that reference again.
so I figured it out after doing a little leg work myself. But for those that got an Arrma Granite Mega with plastic turnbuckles and want a stronger option for less then $15 I converted to a Traxxas 49mm Link part #3643 and screw/nut combo 2580/2745
I imagine you could also run the granite blx peices which, in my nonprofessional bashing experience, are plenty strong and also adjustable.

There are however other weak links in the granite steering assembly and upgrading those links will likely expose them. But hey, this is a hobby, right? ;)
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