Granite Storage Bin

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Dustin Mustangs

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  1. Granite
How about this for a perfect fit? Plenty of room for whatever else you want to bring along too. They are pretty easy to find around these parts, I believe my wife got it at target. Works great for storage, transport, and bringing a muddy truck inside the house without creating WWIII for a grand total of like $6.

08_24_2015 (12343) web.jpg

08_24_2015 (12344) web.jpg

08_24_2015 (12345) web.jpg
Nice idea.

As an aside: Your front right and rear left tires appear to be on backwards.
Nice catch @Walter. Unfortunately Arrma blessed me with a couple of serious wobblers, both on the same side. I greatly prefer the wobbling in the front so, unless I am mistaken, that leaves me no choice but to run two backwards. I might call to see if I can talk them into a replacement, but frankly it rips just fine as is.
Great, need one big enough for my kraton. You hit it right on the nail, my ol lady gets the devil eyes when I come walking inside with gravel falling out my chasis lmao!
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