Granite Granite wheels? Anyone tried demolishers?


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Arrma RC's
  1. Granite
  2. Typhon Mega
Recently blew up a stock tire and looking to replace em with something a bit more aggressive. Drive alot in leave piles, mud, dirt and grassy fields so looking at that.

Want bigger than the stock and from reading on here i see the prolines are well regarded,

So been looking at the demolishers

The trenchers

I know many like the mx28s but they seem a lil boring to my eyes
The MX28s may look boring to you, but they are absolutely amazing on a 3s car. They aren’t so heavy ass to stress out the drivetrain, I have an amazing traction I thought overdoing .They aren’t so heavy as to stress out the drivetrain, have amazing traction without overdoing it and they balloon the perfect amount for jumping rotation control. They are also sturdy and if you only run in the dirt the tread really lasts. I have two pairs that are close to two years old and still running strong. Just have to keep an eye on the glue bead, small rips or tears and hit them with rubberized CA glue.
I ordered the badlands and well see how they do. I worry over them being too traction but eell see
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