Had to do it.

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I can't wait to hear some real world feedback on it, especially that fancy diff system. Please don't be shy once you have a chance to rip it around a little.
Had to order the Nero this morning tower hobbies has a coupon for $82 off!!!
Had to get the brain.
P.S coupon runs out tomorrow!!!!!!!!


You should have gotten the Tower Hobbies member ship for $5 for 1 year and then used there $130 off code.
That's the route I took (membership==$130 coupon) - hope the coupon works, since the truck is only $.99 over the minimum. :)
Thanks for the welcome, @mrbelloso! I got my first Arrma (Typhon) a two months ago, and I absolutely love it. I thought about just getting an updates Kraton, but the call of the Nero is just too strong...
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