Kraton Halp i hear a little clic when i move the motor shaft front motor bearing is new

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Canada 🇨🇦 Montreal
Arrma RC's
Kraton 4s, Typhon 3s
So for the first time i think i started r a slight clic noise when i move the motor shaft side to side if i pull the shaft up and wiggle it side to side the noise dissapears the front bearing is a ceramic sealed who i cleaned a few days ago after being flooded by bread while trying to remove it from the endcap bearing was spinning smoothly had the typical bearing play side to side should i be worried?
I started to get a bit of black stuff from the slipper i think inside my motor who sticks on the endcap i though it was because i had an opening in the rear of the can because of the 3 wires coming from the motor was getting pushed back by the motor mount who is now fixed with shoe goe

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