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Cold lake Alberta
Arrma RC's
just got a talion v1 roller, unknown what im going to do for esc/motor yet but also going to change spring to tenko, shim diffs and all new fluids and sealed bearings,
also wondering if they changed any parts from v1 to v2?

marry christmas very one, from my family to yours
Not sure about part changes between V1 and V2... But I dropped the HobbyWing Max8 EZRun in mine from day one. Also just installed the Tekno springs. HUGE difference. There is also a guy from Canada that makes aluminum parts for these. I have the Chasis braces as well as the servo mount. Very happy thus far. Also, Badlands. 100% ProLine Badlands!!!
I think v1 vs v2 they just fixed some of the gripes. I got mine for christmas looked it over and ran the poop out of it on 4s stock. Tonight i just finished tear down to inspect everything after 20 minutes of bashing the other day. Diffs were all full don't know what oil weight was in them i changed to 5k rear 10k center and 7k front ordered tekno spings (found info in forum). Also just put on 15t pinion will run it this weekend and see. V2 blx is black not red and day after christmas was 80deg when we ran no heat issues at all. The shocks are still squishy i ordered 70 weight for them with the new tekno.
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