Kraton Hard to find replacement parts

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I bent 3 of my 4 shock shafts about a month ago and can't find any replacements.

I think the part numbers are AR330195 and Ar330251. It says late february and late march until tower gets them in. Does anyone have any alternatives? I suppose I could buy new shocks?

I also sent my servo back for warranty work and left the servo horn on. When I got the servo back the horn and servo were separate and the screw was missing. I believe the part number is AR723308. I cannot seem to find it anywhere when I search it in google.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. My kraton has been down at least a month and I'm ready to get back at it.

Would you mind posting a link for the shafts? All the ones I see are sold out, I'll buy multiple sets right now.
Can't find the shafts either (330195). Everywhere is sold out. I might just spend $30 and buy two new front shocks in case I ever need other parts.
That's what I was thinking as well but a different shock that has parts availability.

May just try to straighten them as well.
The Axial 25 t servo horn works, or I have an extra stock servo horn, Pm me you addy and I'll throw it in the mail.
Like Vanning said, just get the full shock.
Then you'll have extra parts that are always good to have around. Ebay is an RC maniacs best friend!
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