Has anyone cut off their ears on the chassis on the EXB15 so the arms quit freaking breaking?


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Funny enough, when I first bought my k8s I bought a few arms to go with it because everyone said they break really easily. Almost a year later and I've only broken 1 arm


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What about if you just bend them a little bit cuz then the shocks are taking the force which t

You don't want the shocks to take any of the force, they are not designed that way. You will just break shock parts constantly. Look at the 6s line whenever someone posts that they broke a shock rod end the first thing anyone will tell them is to set their droop so the shocks don't bottom out before the a arm does.


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Ive had very good luck with the stock arms on my rig. I’m in the process right now (funny enough, just came across this thread) of removing my RPM arms and replacing them with the stockers. RPM has no droop provision…….bad, bad, bad.
Im using the upper front RPM’s but that it.

@Chowmein ,
clipping the ears off the chassis is a big no no. Get your droop set up proper styles and you’ll be a happy boy.