Hazmat Fury Upgrades

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Hazmat Fury

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Rhome, Texas
Arrma RC's
  1. Fury
Well I decided to do a work in progress build log to showcase some of the upgrades/repairs/modifications I make to my truck.

I love to work on things and can generally never leave anything stock.

My latest modification is the fabrication of a new multi-mount shock tower brace/shock mount for the front suspension on my Mega Fury. So here is how it went:

Using a standard shock tower brace I traced it on to some stainless steel I had lying around. As you can see here I extended the lines to make a longer mount.

I then cut it out with my Plasma Cutter - I know it is rough but it is a hand-held model not CNC (I wish).

A little time on the grinder to clean-it up. Then drilled the holes for the shock mounts.

Then I test fitted it before trimming and final shaping/clean-up of edges.

Mounted with shocks connected to new holes.


Looking straight on as it sits on the bench.

Full shock compression - no binding.

I noticed several things after putting everything back together (I had to replace servo saver).
  • Ride height was lowered just a tad in the front
  • Handled much better on the track
  • Seemed to land better after jumps
  • Took nose first landings much better
Overall I am super happy with this upgrade and this can be done mostly with hand tools you have in the shop. Cutting was made easier with a plasma cutter, but that could have been done with a dremel or angle grinder with a cut-off wheel.
Hopefully the shocks can cover a hard bump. Because You're shock bar moves nothing and can also not bend.
Maybe you also need an shock upgrade? ;-)
Interesting mod!
Wel done!

I know the angle of the shocks have influence on the overal handling of the front of the car.
But you noticed an improvement taking corners?

What thickness Inox did you use?

Thank You.

Yes I have noticed it takes corners much better than before.

I believe the thickness is about 0.125 inch or 3 - 4 mm, it is slightly thicker than the original shock tower brace in the first photo.

Man @Hazmat Fury I was worried about how this was going to turn out when you cut it out as it was looking pretty rough but it certainly cleaned up nicely. Good work!

Thank you WoodiE, yeah it was a bit gnarly looking at first.
The latest . . . JConcepts Illuzions F150 Raptor Body.

Beginning the paint job using Createx paints. But I messed up . . .

I did not back the bright colors with white before shooting the purple!




Overall I am happy with it - just need some custom decals to say Hazmat Fury!

If you look close - I cut the grille out to fit around the front bumper so it will not tear up the inside. I also added some protective film inside on high rub areas (mount points, over rear tires, behind grille, and on sides next to nerf bars). The film can be bought at most automotive stores for application on rocker panels and fender edges to protect from rock chips on automobiles - it is clear.
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