Raider HD Hinge Pin kit

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I purchased the following HD Hinge Pin kit as I also have to replace my front shock mount.

I am having trouble determining what all pins get replaced. Does this kit just replace the pins on the front end, or are there ones for the rear as well? There is really no documentation regarding what pin replaces what. Thanks for any help.
Thanks. I can match them up against the pins to ensure I have the right length, but one things that seems strange is that the pins are not as thick as the ones they are replacing. Aside from the fact that they are suppose to be "heavy duty" this seems like it allows for more play in the connections. Do you notice this, and does it cause any problems? It seems like the only advantage is that they use a lock nut rather then a clip. Thanks for any information.

They have a higher tinsel strength, and as long as the plastic parts there going into are in good shape they should perfectly.
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