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cw kraton v2

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I have a kraton and i have read the whole Manuel but, im confused on how the punch control works... It goes from level 1 to 9, but doesn't say what 9 is or 1 is. can anyone tell me what a higher level punch does or a lower level does. Thanks!
My kraton punch level goes to 9 level...I just got it all down now..pretty interesting how it works

,,,,,when you get to beep 4 then push button again you get a long beep,that's 5 push again now long beep an 1 short is 6 push. And so on to one long beep an 4 short is level 9.
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What threw me off was the long beep,,I was expecting short beeps..from 1 to I'm not sure now what the default setting was...but I will reset it to default to see some time today...and if it was 6 I'll be putting it back to 6.or maybe's beast.. at 6 then...if that's default
the long beep means -> 5
6 is one long beep and one short beep and so on.
You can try to set the ESC to push level 1.
Then go outward and pull the throttle fast. Realize the reaction of the car.
After that set the ESC to level 6 and try driving again. Than you will realize what influence the settings have.
Soft driving with saving the drivetrain but boring -> 1
Middle-> 5 or 6
Hard -> 9

The punch settings will also have influence to the reaction time between pull the throttle and the reaction from the car.
If you need an faster ESC reaction, you need an higher setting.

Figure I'd ask in here.

Does a lower punch setting lower the top speed ?
Default setting I believe is set at punch level 6.
Mine was at 4

Figure I'd ask in here.

Does a lower punch setting lower the top speed ?[/QUOTE. Nooooo...give it a try on punch 1,,,,slamm it full throttle it will lift little wheelie then it will settle down then bammmm its wide open....that's what I can do 1 or 9 it's all in the finger . . For me it helps coming out of a turn..I like some instant punch at punch 5 or 7 ...its according to you driving style...if you want instant back flip put it at 9 an nail it......I say go try 1 ,nail it..then try 4 ,then keep going to only takes like 5mins
Figure I'd ask in here.

Does a lower punch setting lower the top speed ?
No, an lower setting did not reduce the top speed.
It´s reducing the "hardness" how many power the motor will get while pushing the throttle fast.
If you set to 1, so it is like an anti slip with very soft acceleration.
But take care, it will be influence also the brake! So make a test run after changing the settings!
Yeah I have a Raider xl blx so I have it set at 1. Helps a lot on the 2wd. It did seem as fast with the other settings but wasn't sure since I didn't have a GPS or enough room to run it. Was just curious though. Thanks.
@cw kraton v2 Punch Settings is throttle control. A low setting will make it so that the truck won't move until the throttle is about half way pulled where as the higher setting means you can barely touch the throttle without it taking off.

How does burst rate work? Does the ESC sometimes ask for a higher discharge rate. I have 50c 100c burst lipose to explane?....
In a real car you have the accelerator, the burst setting is like someone which prevents you from dropping the foot too quickly.
Or like a brake in the signal line. You reach the endpoints but the time between will take longer time.
The BLX ESC just check voltages to set the lipo-cut-off right. It never communicates with the Lipo! ;)
BUT if the Lipo weak ore did not have enough amps and the voltage drops down by taken amps, than the ESC realize that and gives you an error.

You have to calculate you´re Lipo. XXXXmA x 50C = Normal Power / XXXXmA x 100C = Short impulse Power.
But this information should written in the description of the battery.

How does burst rate work? Does the ESC sometimes ask for a higher discharge rate. I have 50c 100c burst lipose
Justin put the highest c rate in u can mine is 90c constant 130 burst. batt gets warm but not hot. .when I do 50c gets hot.. maxing the 50c out..the battery with higher c can push more amps out that the esc is wanting...that's my take on to just go high c rating that u can..
Don't know whether my issue is punch setting related but here I go with my first ever post.

I am a new Kraton owner and haven't yet been driving with it outside but only once.

However when configuring the endpoints I noticed a thing I am not sure whether it is a feature or something that is not meant to be like this.

When moving the transmitter trigger slowly to the brake side the led at the receiver on the car lights up. But the motor is not running. When pressing the brake more from the transmitter the motor starts running and it runs quite fast. When returning the trigger back to neutral and then again brake gently the motor spins up almost right away when the led at the receiver has lit up. And at this time the motor does not spin so fast.

So it seems that the reverse function does function identically each time but instead sometimes more trigger pushing towards braking side is needed for the motor to start reverse and at those occasions the motor starts spinning more rapidly because the trigger is pushed more so it is further away from the neutral position.

Punch setting is the default, I checked, it is 4.

When pulling the trigger to make the motor spins to forward direction so that the trigger is always at the same position.

I have configured the endpoints and I have configured the full throttle, neutral and full reverse positions into the ESC

So I am always able to drive forward very slowly. But I am sometimes not able to reverse slowly.
If you mean that the control is ... i will say rough, so the reason for that is the ESC and the sensorless system.
If you need more soft control like crawlers than you have to change to a sensored ESC and Motor.
Very expensive ESC´s using a high frequency impulse to get the motor control softer....
Whats up with different reaction concerning the brake?... I have no idea.
ya even i have encountered the same issue .... all stock and default settings ...
I can go forward in slow speed but the reverse is fast and difficult to control
I think I now got the issue. It is related to the fact that I have set the car as forward/brake/reverse . So everytime when first forwarding and then trying to reverse the car first brakes. And if the car is not moving, well the braking mode of course does nothing and the car is still not moving. When letting the control return to the middle and then moving it again to the reverse side the car then starts reversing.

So now I think the car functions exactly as it should be functioning. So this isn't actually an issue but a feature instead.
I am running two 3s Lectron pro 7100 mah 75c batteries. With the stock 12t pinion gear I am only able to reach a top speed of 35mph with fully charged batteries on level asphalt.
To Schoondog I came to this post by accident but it is a very old one, like 3 years old. So if you want a reaction or something like a answer to why it's happening to you, that your top speed is like too low for your taste and your setup IYO then you can post your questions on a new thread about electronics. If I knew what it was with your car, I would definitely be helping you out, but alas it is not enough information to go on. But there are a bunch of people that are way more experienced than i am. So listen to my tips and post a new thread about your question in electronic section. Good luck with your quest for speed.
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