Typhon Hi I’m a newbie so please be patient 😅 Battery choice for 6s Typhon… UK based.

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I’m about to order the 6s but just doing a little homework before hand, it seems we in the uk are more limited with our choice? I’d like a battery with half decent run time, decent punch and something that fits without having to make changes to the original setup. I’m uk based by the way. Does anyone use this battery and can recommend it.
Thanks for any help you can give

I have a couple Zeee batteries that I've had no problem with. 6000mah will give you plenty of run time depending on how hard you drive it. This is a cheaper/discount brand of battery, so don't set your expectations too high on performance. The battery tray on the Typhon 6s can be a bit restrictive, so just double check the measurements to ensure it will fit. The Typhon is crazy on 6s, you'll have a blast!
I would go with that exact battery. That's a beautiful one and a ton of people use them. No they aren't top of the line but if you aren't speed running then who cares. A 6s typhon is bonkers on 6s regardless of the battery.
Amazon uk have some goldbat 5200mah 3s lipo's 2 pack for £40 not top of the range but good batteries for £20 each there a bargain, I've used these for a while with no problems in a kraton.
Just be careful with the battery size, if you go down the 2 x 3s route, most won't fit with the shell on. I suggest a single 6s pack.

I use yoowoo 6s 4000mah 100c packs, there about £80 each however if you wait for a sale there alot cheaper.. picked mine up for £47 delivered from Amazon mate.

Hope I helped in some way!!

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