Senton High speed pinion

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Arrma RC's
  1. Senton 6s
Will running the included extra pinion offroad hurt or damage the motor esc? Only asking because it says only onroad use, or are they just being cautious?
To go faster? lol I'm sure I'll just keep stock for a while, sure it will be plenty for me.
My LHS strongly advised me to throw them in the trash bin. I did not throw away but will not consider them. Upgrade the motor & ESC if you need more speed AND want to keep your system a long time.
I run mine on 3S most of the time,so I geared up to a 23t pinion. Have run it on road on 6S with no problems. Other than it's crazy fast!
I find these trucks bone stock to be plenty fast for me. I believe 55/60mph is as fast as you can go off-road without losing control regardless.
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