Hobbywing 3.175 - mod1 gear - why am I having issues finding a pinion?


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Hey everyone, I purchased a hobbywing motor with a 3.175 shaft diameter.

The spur on my Tekno sct is mod1, but having issues finding a pinion mod1 3.175 gear.

Anyone run into this? Am I going to have to switch the spur out to a different pitch to get a pinion? If so any recommendations ?

Appreciate greatly in advance!
Yeah I bet some options are out there but it might be tough to find them. Most mod 1 pinions will have a 5mm shaft.

Another option is to buy a sleeve. Some pinion sets even come with a sleeve.

Acekeeps Steel 3.175mm (1/8 inch) to 5mm Pinion Reducer Sleeve for Converting RC Motor Pinion Gears, Set of 3 https://a.co/d/1lRZcTz
Yeah i'd just pick up a reducer sleeve like dure16 suggested.

There are also many pinion sets out there that come with a reducer sleeve too:
Just as an example, haven't used that one personally.

I know i had similar problems with my HPI bullet, mod 1 gearing, but stock motor is 3mm shaft. I eventually solved the problem by updating to a 5mm shaft motor so I didn't have to tiptoe around around gearing issues.
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