Hobbywing Max8 installed in a Typhon

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My 180 blx (second generation) turned into a smoke machine on my Typhon the other day so I purchased a Hobbywing Max8 esc. It's a little bit bigger than the stock one, and a fair bit bigger with the cap pack. I Have been thinking about how I'm going to fit it but I'm a bit stuck on where I'm going to position the switch.

I'm thinking just near the centre diff front drive shaft uni joint stuck down with foam tape to the chassis base plate. Does anyone have any images of how you have fitted this esc and switch?

Also would it be ok to use a double sided tape to stick the esc in place or would the base get too hot to hold it?

I have a Max8 in my Senton. I will upload a picture so you can see my arrangement.

Word of warning, the double sided tape they include is GARBAGE. Get the red backed 3m extreme. Works well.

Sorry this isn't the best picture but it is what is on my phone. I plan to put the cap pack between the esc and the servo. It is stuck to the stock esc mounting plate. The switch is about 60% on the board, and the 3m extreme tape holds it there just fine. I run 6s only and I do not baby it.


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Thanks for that kennay. I can't see where your switch is but I get the idea. I was going to orientate the esc the way you have it mounted and put the cap pack between the servo and esc. The only problem is it doesn't leave much room for the switch to be mounted on the existing esc plate.

I'm going to put my thinking cap on tonight, with a cold beverage and have another look to see what works.

Super late to your post as life got REAL busy with a toddler. I run on 4s only but have a 17t pinion. Stock servo for now and only run a hobbywing fan. You think i need to use the cap pack included? I don't like the idea of splicing into the wires. I know you gotta do it but it seems really "hokey". Hobbywing is very vague in the directions. P.s. this is how i have my max 8 mounted at the moment. I used a factory hole in the esc mount and found a longer threaded screw and nut to secure the back flange. The front flange i drilled a hole in the esc mount and did the same nut and bolt fasten. Its on a piece of dbl sided foam tape as well. I struggled with a good switch mount as the cord was a bit short for my liking. I ended up sticking it to the rear of my Motor/heatsink fan. Easy to get to and still protected. Its not entirely finished yet so im definitely open for suggestions and feedback. Let me know how your rides perform with the max 8. Its raining here and im anxious to test this guy out. What do you guys set your Punch settings, drag brake, etc on?


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