Kraton HooknBook got a Kraton EXB build thread

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  1. BigRock 4x4
  2. Kraton EXB
Picked this bad boy up from a fellow forum member and will be keeping track of upgrades, maintenance, etc. here.

No big plans for this one at the moment other than to get used to the 6s powa 👊🏻.

Several packs in so I figured I should start to get the crud out. This thing requires waaaay more effort than my BRCC. Phew.


ESC fan blades took a dump. Figured I’d try the RCP extreme cool setup and see how it works out.

Also ordered a Powerhobby twin 40mm setup for the motor to try and tame the temps when the desert heat arrives.

Lower wing mount bolts are sheared off…gotta figure out how to extract those🤔
Installed the Basherqueen pieces and started mocking up the new fans. Looks like everything will fit nicely. Just have to get wiring routed cleanly and figure out how I want to mount the battery for the motor fans.

Should be breezy in there once everything is buttoned up!


Reborn….couple things left to get and it’ll be ready for the shakedown. Pretty much a complete rebuild. Just need to mount the fans.
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