How big is too big, brushed motor

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roger nelson

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I wonder how hot a brushed motor can the mega esc push (without overheating) . Smooth pavement top speed. Anybody have a favorite motor?
Interesting question!
I cannot find it anywhere. However I did swap the poor 15T out for an old Kyosho monster 360 (20,000rpm at 7,2V) with 22tx2 and neodymium magnets.
It did not have any problems with it, and it made the Mojave a lot quicker. Also the break worked flawlessly thanks to the strong magnets.

However I have here a 2870kV 2-pole 540 brushless motor, which also has 21,000rpm at 7,4v (2S lipo). And the acceleration and speed are much better. And this is a very modest, direct replacement for vintage RC's.
I had a trinity monster years ago. Don't remember the specs of it but wow! This is back when esc was a new thing.( feeling old now). It is awesome how things have improved. My fury will be a good platform for several projects ideas I'm going to try. Late model dirt,pavement pounder,and maybe a short course truck! Haha! Well I have wandered off topic.
This hobby wing combo stuff is at the right price. Are they of any quality?
Yeah. haven't had any issue with my 60a esc from them except for my first one in my 18t i shorted the fan because its not waterproof then i pulled a wire out that i tried to fix too fast and got cs glue on everything and fried it. I just got done with waterproofing the electronics while i sent the car to arrma.

I think the motors are ok.. for 20bucks it beats the heck outta 80-120. I haven't broken mine yet...i broke the granite first. I also got a new motor for 20 bucks.. its the 4 pole 39kv with oversized bearings... may be nice. Not too sure yet. But the 39kv 2pole hasnt had any issues yet tho

The new wires are so big imma have to solder them on directly lol. 20 bucks
Wow! Those are beefy wires! I think I'm getting the program card too. If something burns up , I will have no choice but upgrade, haha!
No. I wont till the end of the weekend maybe more. I killed the truck with 3s. Both work. Both are the same size and kv one is just a bit nicer. Magnets,wires,bearings,windings 4pole...

I wanna know if 2s on 4pole will tear the mega transmission up too
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