How do you all waterproof hardcase lipos?

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Title says it all... just wanted to know for the winter bashing period.
I waterproofed my lipo with a couple coats of liquid electrical tape. I put it around the seam, where the leads leave the case, and on the backside of the connector. She has been covered in snow, splashed through puddles, and even accidentally submarined on a few occasions with no issues.

I have some of that corrosion x sitting here for another project but have not tried it yet. Other people are certainly getting good results with it; check this out:

do you even have to waterproof the lipos? I mean I probably will do it in case any way... lol
I have never water proofed a lipo in my life , taken them through rain , puddles and snow for years with never a problem . I guess it can't hurt though . I also usually use soft packs .
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