Kraton How to stop front tires ballooning

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Arrma RC's
Got my new tires on. Running trencher x.
14t pinion now too.

The front tires have always ballooned into pizza cutters a lot more than the rears...

Seems like the truck gets more power to the fronts? I do have a wheelie bar but anytime it wheelies the fronts balloon too much.
I'd like to refrain from taping the tires too. Just need the fronts to not balloon so much. The rears seem fine ??

Is there a way I can adjust the diffs to send less power to the front?

Getting annoying and to the point where I just want to make it a rwd truck.

Any tips. Thanks guys .
I'm trying to love this thing and make it fun
I did some reading:
500k diff oil in centre
100k diff oil in front and rear

Will this help
I run 7k front 10k center 3k rear and belted the tires and the front does its job and pulls alot harder
Do those Terrain Crushers have much cushion?

No. I just got mine on Wednesday.

They are heavy.

Imagine on a car going form a 17 inch wheel and tire to a 20 inch combo with the same overall size.

The rim is proportionally bigger while the tire sidewall is shorter on the 20 inch.

It's like having a low profile tire
That's what I was imagining - that they look cool and don't balloon, but probably ride terribly on a rough surface.
got to try out the Terrain Crushers on my Kraton last night.

Surface was a baseball diamond, dead grass, dirt and pavement, no big air.

Handling is vastly improved over the stock wheels and the grip was quite good.

Most ballooning, and they look badass. See my avatar photo
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Is this a true statement ?...Thicker center diff oil will stop the center diff from unloading to the front tires while they are off the ground getting no traction. This will lessen the ballooning but sends more power to the rear and cause more wheel stands. Im building a Kraton now and it's been a long time since I had a center diff in an RC vehicle. I guess one would have to try different center diff weight to get the vehicle where they want it. I figure more even 4x4 action would be good...then just tame the wheel stands with throttle curve. I have a few other RC's that are over powered but I'm always able to fine tune them with the ESC settings. One thing I do not want is too much ballooning of the tires on my Kraton.
I saw a video on yt of a guy running a kraton and he used 80l fishing line and i believe he sowe'd it into the tire in a pattern this eliminated balloonin completely. Seems like a good idea.
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