How to test motor

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I am wondering how to test a motor, I have a good volt/ohm ect tester but what should I look for when testing a motor?
I have taken it apart everything looks great as far as the copper and no burn marks. It is a brushless gear shop 2150kv.
I have only run 4-6 packs through it.

Thanks guys
Well yes unsure if it was the motor or esc.
The esc seems to be working fine but when I hit the Throttle my motor just twitches this is in both directions.
It is rarely a brushless motor which causes such problems. 99 out of 100 it is something else like the esc. or the connector.

When a connector is bad (or the solder is bad) your car will function well with the rear wheels of the ground.

But when it has to work hard it will draw so much power the bad connection will create failure. I had this myself too.

Easiest to so is to hook up another motor to your esc. Or the other way around.

Testing a brushless motor can be done with a ohm meter, but is quite difficult.
OK I had a motor on it's way to but the post office decided to send it back.... Hopefully I will have it here this week. Mm2 has been acting weird. Thanks for the info
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