How to unscrew a screw that doesn't screw anymore?

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Well...The tittle says all...:confused:

I was rebuilding my nice little Mojave and I tried to unscrew a screw that doenst screw anymore...:(
Btw, I have no idea what the right word for it would be in English...But in Dutch it would have been "dol gedraaid", which translates in "gone mad"...:cool:

Anyway, how do I get the screw out without thrashing or damaging the chassis?...o_O
I tried a worn out hex driver, cleaning agent, even a pc hex driver...I cant think of anything else but drill it out...And I don't want to do that...:oops:


Thx in advance for tips, jokes and other stuff...


Erik, aka Aflan
Are you talking about a hex stripped out such that your driver can not get a good enough grip on it? If so, use something like a rotary tool to cut a slot in the head and remove it with a flat bladed screw driver. If that doesn't work, or if the head breaks, try an 'easy out'.
Yes, "stripped out", need to remember that one, thx...:)
Going to get my trustee dremel out and attack the sucker, ehm, screw...Lets see if it works...:rolleyes:
Never heard of a "easy out"...Going to look for it in my tool shop...
Thanks for the tip @Dustin Mustangs ...;)
No problem. The translation on that Dutch word cracks me up, although I am typically the one 'gone mad' when dealing with stripped out fasteners. :mad:

Btw @Aflan, I live in a town originally settled by Dutch Calvinist separatists. So I suppose there might be an outside chance I am over here tipping mugs at the local pubs with some of your distant relatives. Cheers from Holland! ;),_Michigan
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If you can cut a slot in the screw and use a flat head screwdriver to remove it, that would be an easy and cheap way of fixing it. Otherwise get yourself a small screw extractor set and it'll remove the screw without any issues... more times than not. ;)
For hex head screws that have 'gone mad" - stripped out, I will try a torx / star bit. Often they will grab where a hex bit will slip.

If the Torx / star bit does not work, I will use my dremmel and cut-off wheel to cut a slot in the screw head, then use a flat blade screw driver.
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