How water proof is the granite?

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So I just got my granite and love it. So it rained a little and I thought it would be a nice text to try it on wet grass and some mud (doesn't rain a lot in socal). I didn't take into consideration that I live in a small apartment and don't have a water hose. Would I be able to give it a "bath" in a bucket of should I be better off trying to clean it in the shower? A lot of the threads I saw were either years old or everyone was taking about traxxas card so I wasn't sure if it was the same.
I usually opt for the air compressor and the "dry" cleaning. I've run it in snow and puddles and gotten it pretty wet and dirty but my goal has always been to get it clean and dry after that... not wetter as a bucket or shower would. If you do opt for the bucket or shower be sure you dry things well afterwards as letting things stay wet isn't a good idea. Even if the electronics are able to handle it, there are metal parts and bearings, etc that don't like to stay wet.
@Walter thanks for the reply. I don't have an air compressor but can get some compressed air in the mean time. my apt is probably too small to have that in my apt. I didn't want to have to take the whole thing apart to clean and was looking for some tips. I should have planned out for the clean before instead of after. cleaned it off some but theres still mud and grass in places.
If you are talking about buying canned compressed air, I would bet you can find an 1:1 auto repair shop that would let you borrow a compressor hose and nozzle for a few minutes for free. Maybe give them a demo or let them test drive your Granite for a few minutes and make a friend in the process.

Just a thought.
@Walter ill just have to take a trip to harbor freight after work tomorrow. the only thing I have that's close to an air compressor is the one I have on my cars jump starter. I wonder if theres an adapter I can use then.
I hose off mine when it gets real dirty and let it drip dry over a hvac register. Don't use a nozzle, just a low pressure stream off the open end of a hose. This has caused me no issues and keeps it relatively clean.

I would be careful with water and anything even remotely high pressure including air. That can push the water past seals and into other areas where it can cause trouble and/or not be able to dry out.
I've splashed some light hose water when they have dried on mud. Not a spray, more like a hard rain.
For dirt/dust, similar to @WoodiE , some paper towels saturated with a household cleaner, non-bleach is quick and easy.
I did get some mud/water deep in the steering linkage, which caused a drag, loud squeak and delayed steering response. A partial front end dismantle and thorough household cleaner wipe-down then re-lube of appropriate parts and back to bashing.

I think my Lady would have a major cow if she saw a muddy Vorteks in her bathtub, LOL!
@Dustin Mustangs ill have to consider the hvac. I've really only seen people recommending air compressors but most of the general help threads are from 2010 or so. I might be able to make due with a blow dryer for now. @WoodiE thanks for the site. ill try that out to clean it with. most of the stuff i saw recommended dunking the car in simple green with water but if the spray is easier, thats where im at. @Steve I was thinking the same thing with my wife. She was there when i was at the park so she'd have been mad if i messed up the bathroom with my rc car lol. I really appreciate everyone's help on this forum. Takes more to maintain the car than i thought. But still worth the fun
@WoodiE on cool I'll pick them up and give them a try. Thought I might as well to make me feel better about the shipping cost.
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