Fireteam I’m really starting to love this rig

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I had to get in on the FT sale and I’m like why didn’t I get one sooner!! Just waiting on the servo and ESC mounting plate. I’m Almost done.
Nice. I’m waiting for a MAX6 combo that’s coming next week.

Got a few m2c parts but didn’t go all out like you did!
I couldn’t pass up-the max6 combo for $20 then I bought a mmx8s/1260kv combo for $275. I wanted the 1650kv motor but no sale. I figured I could sell the 1260kv for $160. So I’ll just find a 1650kv.
Great looking rig, I got one coming and the more I see and hear about how well it handles off road it feel silly I ever let the gun squad crew deter me from wanting it!!!

Love the builld!😍
I already have M2c chassis braces, basherqueen towers, Max6 & Hobbystar 4092 on standby for when I get mine!

Looks like a ton of fun!
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