Typhon I got a typhon 6S... it likes to fly.


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Picked up a used typhon 6S a month or so ago. had some decent upgrades on it, but things can always be improved.

Had my mechanics checking it out the night I picked it up:

It had a voltage front chassis brace, exb front top plate, voltage a-block (the front upper/rear hinge pin holder), M2C rear brace, hot racing slider motor mount/top plate/front X and arrma metal front/rear skid protectors and a 15T pinion with worn stock tires.

I've since installed:
3DRC rear wing mount
My own wing block
EXB front bumper/skid
3DRC front bumper spring
18T pinion
Amazon cheap tires that I wrapped/vented
Dual motor cooler
35mm alloy framed fan on the esc
HD shock rod ends/balls
5mm shock limiters on the front
Put 55wt oil in the shocks
Removed the dual xt90's for 1
Drilled out the front body mount to use an M4 screw, ripped the m3 out



Also have a new body for it, but it came with one that was beat up and one that was nearly new that he had taped. I'll mesh/shoe goo the new one at some point so it's ready to go.

So far, I've banana'd the chassis, broken the stock wing mount (lasted 30 seconds of the first run), popped the front dog bones out of the axle cups, sheared the M3 screw in the upper front chassis brace (removed/retapped/replaced with M4), broke a rear axle carrier and nearly folded the rear shock tower...

I have a 7075 TLR tuned chassis to put on it when I get around to it. I bent back the stock chassis for the moment. Will likely put the TLR chassis on it before Spring.

Last bash video with it:
Did you say it has Voltage parts on it?
Is that the upgrade brand that went out of business?
Did you say it has Voltage parts on it?
Is that the upgrade brand that went out of business?
Yeah, just the two I mentioned. I also have a couple voltage parts on my outcast that I bought new in 2018 when Voltage was still around. He made pretty nice stuff.
Yeah they were the only game in town for some great parts back then. I remember trying to get some of their parts when they closed shop.:rolleyes:
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