Kraton I guess I should have...

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Read more on the Tower Hobbies EZ Pay info. I thought it was like layaway. Dec 31 I decided to order a Kraton, on sale for $450 with the coupon codes they were advertising, that knocked $71 off. So I decided to split the cost up, with the 3 month EZ Pay. 1st payment hit my card, on Friday. Monday, got a shipping notification for said Kraton, and look what arrived yesterday...





Now to hide said Kraton until I can get my Revo 3.3 and Slayer Pro And I need to get some batteries. I really didn't figure on having this in my possession until March...
RCGroups classified section tends to work really well for selling your RC's quickly, as long as they are reasonably priced. That's where I picked up my Flamewheel F450 a while ago. Not discounting the classified section of this forum, but you will get a much broader audience on RCG. Just my two cents. :D
Yeah, I'm a member there as well. Not very active though. I'm gonna try and sell locally first, just to try and avoid having to deal with shipping.
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