I layered PLA on PETG again.. this time by accident.


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They still don't stick to each other. heh

In the revisit and sort of unexpected.. I found that you can make perfect "cloth like" mesh material with PETG better then you could if you tried printing a mesh pattern. I could fold the piece over and over and tough time tearing apart. This was an actual print so it doesn't look consistent due to differing layers but I'm printing a flat piece now again to try out.

layer one on top of the other and stop after a few layers of each. You will get a mesh of PLA and PETG. Higher the infill the finer the mesh. thicker layers, thicker mesh. I'm guessing you could flip flop and get multiple sheets if you didn't lose adhesion. Once you get a couple layers of infill made.. you can stop the print and peel the layers apart.


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