I need even tougher suspension parts!

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So it seems that even for how beefy the parts are on the Senton the stock plastics just aren't holding up so well to a good bashing. I read today somewhere on Facebook that RPM RC may be making some parts for Arrma soon but it didn't say for what trucks or when. I'm really hopeful they do the obvious and make a decent lower suspension arms for the Senton/Kraton/Talion.

Is anyone else having issues with lower suspension arms biting the dust? I've went through two right lower suspension arms now in the past week. The 3rd and 4th set of stock arms are being shipped (again) as I type, lol. It's time for RPM RC to make a more indestructible version!
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I read today somewhere on Facebook that RPM RC may be making some parts for Arrma soon but it didn't say for what trucks or when.
If you want RPM products then you and other Arrma owners really need to do two things, one: email them. RPM doesn't typically make parts just for the heck of it, mostly they make parts based on customer demand. Second: actually BUY the products when they do make them. ;)
Very true, and I do buy RPM parts, just not for the Senton sadly!

I sent them an email yesterday outlining my concern with Arrma and asked them to help a lot of folks by making a couple new suspension arms. The great thing is that they did respond today, they said they'd pass the request to the development department but made no promises. That's a hopeful sign and I believe it can help spur them on!

Until they unleash some of their awesome parts I'll be re-re-rebuying stock suspension arms at silly speeds or JB welding the split ones back together.

Good times! =D
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So today I had the exact same thing happen yet again. I'm really becoming convinced that the Arrma engineers haven't made the lower suspension arms thick enough at the end where the steel ball screws in. The plastic split in the precise same location as the last 3 times. I saved this broken arm to start showing to Arrma. Maybe they can use the info to improve the part?

I put the 4th lower suspension arm the right side now. Keeping in mind that I now have 4 spare left lower suspension arms I decided to take one of the lefts and grind down the piece a bit with the dremel (only takes about 30 seconds) so I can flip it over and make it work as a 5th spare for the right side when it snaps again, lol!
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@Doozie, on rpm's site they have Durango a-arms. I believe there for the Durango sct and buggy? I have no idea if they would work with the Senton but, it might be worth checking out. Sadly, rpm does not list measurements for them. They may however give the measurements too you in a email?
Hope this helps.
Yeah, I've looked at that part but it's a different part item, they're not compatible unfortunately. I'm really hoping they add these parts to their catalog soon!

Just as a heads up I've learned that a lot of racers running durango DESC10's are using a simple metal washer (1mm) such as this http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXFUR7 on the steel pillowball instead of that little plastic shim to give it a stronger end. I'm going to give that a try as soon as the parts arrive. This would most likely work on all their 1/8 scale RC's w/ the same style pillowball.
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Team Durango desc10 arms fit the senton perfectly unfortunately they are not stronger :( .
Hey there, yes I also bent my front shock rod.

I changed the fluid to 80 up front and 60 in the back.

Also added Kyosho Blue Shocks front and back (stiffest ones I could find)

This is the perfect setup. I was gapping the triples at the local BMX track and it was flawless.

Google this for the springs.
IF350-716 (front)
Kyosho IF348-1016 (rears)

Here's a shock part list


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