I need some control help with a new build, please.


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So I assembled a 1/10 scale 2 WD buggy from a complete kit and I used a spektrum transmitter/receiver take off from an Arrma Senton, purchased from a kit buster business a few weeks ago. Read really low cost complete surface radio control system. So when I first powered up the rig, steering and throttle all worked but were reversed in action. I used the reverse switches on the transmitter to complete a simple operational test run in my street of the buggy. So after I powered down and checked all my wiring connections, and all that was fine. Motor wiring correct, ditto steering servo. So I did a factory re-set of the transmitter settings, and re-bound the transmitter and receiver in my buggy. Still reverse action on throttle and steering. And I could live with this with the transmitter switches to correct it, but the motor seems to run slower in forward than in reverse, correcting it with the physical "reverse" switches on side of the transmitter. Clearly not what I want here.

So what am I missing here? What is wrong with my setup to make the controls reversed?
Can I switch the 3 wires on the spektrum motor to reverse rotation of the motor? There is a pink (actually coral maybe), yellow, and blue color coded wire connections to ESC, how do I switch those to reverse motor rotation? Which color to color?
Any help or info is greatly appreciated. I know there are a LOT of really experienced and smart guys here. Help a new build rookie out please.
Like said above swap the two outside motor wires. There is a switch on the transmitter as well. You can also change the motor rotation in the esc. Double check that you have reverse going in reverse which is slower than forward. I always try the transmitter first then go to the motor wires or esc programming.
Thanks gents for the help.

edit: worked perfect (switching wires) but wouldn't you know it, it's raining outside so I cannot run it outside yet. Run it to speed. Maybe later.
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