IC5 vs QS8 for 6S Notorious?

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Just ordered a Notorious 6S and I'm about to pull the trigger on some 6S 7600 mAh batteries from SMC. It likely won't be long before the truck gets fitted with a HW Max6 1650KV power system.

With this setup is it worth upgrading to the SQ8 connectors over the IC5? Trying to figure out what direction I'm going before placing my battery order. Thanks.
Hadn't really put much thought into sparking. If the IC5 connectors are not going to be a bottle neck for the above mentioned ESC, motor and battery I'll just stick with them.
You can also switch to XT90 for that application. They sell them in an anti-spark version. Cheaper than QS8’s and work great.
Don't care about the spark of the IC5 myself but the QS8 is on my wish list. Next time I buy battery's is a good time to start changing over I'm thinking.
I started off with XT90's on all my rigs and batteries, and the were great. Last year, in 2021 I got really into drag racing so I switched up everything to QS8's, which I regretted so much. QS8's are big, super bulky, and plastic on them feels really cheap. So now I switched up everything to IC5's, mainly because all Arrma and Losi rigs use them. I like them alot. They're very similar to XT90's and they're easy to solder.
What I like about QS8 over IC5 is that they are much harder to come disconnected when doing big jumps. IC5 can come disconnected much easier. And the anti spark feature.
It's funny that my IC5,s are so tight I could crash into a tree and they wouldn't come off. The newer ones I just had delivered you can pop the caps off and easily adjust them.
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