If you could only choose one, arrma rc which one and why?

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Arrma RC's
  1. Granite
Hello, y'all!
In about six months I'll be purchasing another arrma rc. I just want to know, which arrma rc would you buy and why? I know that six months is far away, but I like to do as much research as possible. Pro's n Con's, will help me narrow it down.
Thanks in advance...
I own a raider and I do enjoy it but I think it mainly depends on what you want to do with it. Although I only have a raider I drool over the talion. I'd like one of those someday
It depends on what you want to do. When you say "another", does that mean that you already have an Arrma rig? If so what size is it? If you're already running 1/10 scale and decide to grab a 1/8 scale, you'll have to remember that they can take larger batteries so that would be another expense.
I guess I should of mentioned, intended purpose! I'll be using the rc for, off road mainly. My little half acre, is grassy, hilly and very bumpy. Good traction would be a must, from the tires on the vehicle for sure! A 4wd would be ideal, more maintenance than 2wd though. If only arrma, would make a 4wd rock racer or a 4wd, 1/10 solid axle monster truck.
I currently have the, arrma granite blx.

It depends on what you want to do. When you say "another", does that mean that you already have an Arrma rig? If so what size is it? If you're already running 1/10 scale and decide to grab a 1/8 scale, you'll have to remember that they can take larger batteries so that would be another expense.

I've thought about the size issue as well. The 2 rc's I own are both 1/10 scale, and another six months or so of collecting 1/10 scale parts, tools and batteries, I would basically be starting over if I moved up to 1/8 scale.
Are 1/8 scale arrma vehicles, more durable than 1/10 scale?
That's hard to say.
In general 1/10 scale is more durable because of the weight and size.
The chance of breaking something with a 1/8 scale model increases due to the higher speeds and more momentum.
But in reality it all depends on the driver ;)

One note though: 1/10 scale parts are in general cheaper (or better: less expensive ;))
I would say the blx would be top choice but in seeing that you already own one i would try THE TALION they look so mean on my lhs shelf... i sat there for like 5 min just pushing it down and letting the shocks push it up....uhhhhh... its soooo nice. But yeah... serious coinage.
If i were you though and had a backyard and had a granite and i wanted another arrma i would buy a fury and make a nice little track with a medium large jump in it and make my fury a speedwagon and make my granite super torquey. And share parts so i could always have 1 in motion...but yeah, beside arrma i would look at the yeti the emaxx or maybe the rock racer... either way 6 months is quite a long amount of time...im sure you will know what you want by then
I would say Talion if i didn't already own one and i have to say for Darren's sake. Talions ARE MEAN. i just got done with a bashing session where my only problem was a jump i hit at top speed and purely my fault i didn't hit it at the right angle i landed on the body hard. only thing that even got remotely damage was the actually body i broke the body where it mounts to the body mounts so i can't clip it on anymore. i'm in the process of glueing some nylon washers to the body as a repair then i can go and break it all over again, everything else held up unbelievably well
True woodie they are sweet looking. The Senton looks tough too! 2wd seems to make my light steering skills better. Crap, now I gotta build a track!
It has good ground clearance and I haven't had any problems with bottoming out. It runs good on grass but if you upgrade to brushless it will do a lot better. Tyres are good but not great. My kids have hit kerbs, trees and the usual moving wood post and all has been good. This is only with the brushed motor. The only problem that I had is the shocks caps not being properly closed and i lost a bit of fluid but after removing them and reinstalling there had been no problems. I would like to change the shocks or the springs for harder ones as Unusual has done because it would give it a better handling.
Thanks, @mrbelloso! I had a shock blow apart on the granite, not long ago. It landed on left rear wheel, from a 4ft. drop off a jump! Luckily, I was able to thread it back together, I put some plumbers tape on the threads. Seems to be holding up pretty good.
Thanks, again!
I would have to say the Arrma Kraton.
I will also follow that up by saying this.
You are going to want to start by using 4s until you get used to the speed. I can also say like unusual rc stated parts are more expensive.
You will want to weigh the speed, fun factor and extra Remanence. I bought a brushed Vorteks so I can get my RC fix waiting for parts. Also at this point have at least 1 or 2 of just about every part for the truck now. (I have also been put on a fixed weekly spending limit now) but that is OK.

Hopefully this helps

Edit : if I was to do it again I would buy a roller and do what I did put all the electronics that I ended up putting in. I was a newbie when I got the Kraton, learned a ton in a short time.
The Fury has done me well so far as a starter car. I have really gotten into it nicely. Next need to upgrade my batteries so I can get more run time but other than that, I Love my FURY!!!!!
I've been thinking about a Granite BLX but leaning more towards the Kraton. Both seem to have great bashability, but the Kraton just looks awesome.

The kraton is way fun and totally bashing approved...
I broke parts on every other pack, hence the tons of extra parts.
I also ran the first 3 months in at or well below freezing. I live in Minnesota
I was jumping my driveway and 2 Lane hwy ditch to ditch at 5f, wondering why I was breaking things. (remember that I live in Minnesota) it is now warm 60f and above broken parts are way way down.

Great truck tough at "normal temps" would love to compare a traxxas revo to the punishment I put the kraton to this winter. I would also like to say that they were all stock parts but the ceramic bearings I switched to.
That's a lot of breakage, I have a talion that I run a few packs through it a week and barely break anything. I run everywhere; yard , street, dirt track( w/ nice jumps) & skate park. I run on 4s with a 20t pinion last couple weeks and 16t before that. My biggest problems were with electronics, but after getting an aftermarket servo and replacing dean's on the stock esc I haven't had those problems anymore either.
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