If you had to put shoe goo over your custom paint, can anything help protect it?


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It's easy to find posts of people having no problem and people having their entire paint job go to crap after putting shoe goo on it. I personally don't have super high expectations, but it would be so helpful for what I want to do, that I want to at least give it a try. So that said, even if you think it's doomed to failure, is there anything you painting experts might do to help your odds? Like maybe some type of sealing coat or base coat?

Intend to just be using Tamiya PS paints on typical lexan with standard good basic spray paint can grade painting practices. Then I'll give it a few good days to cure inside. Then a few areas I'd like to do the shoe goo trick, where it's been painted.

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Never had a problem with shoe goo and my painted bodies. Had a huge problem with shoe goo and me! Be careful if you use it.


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I find that if you use a light layer of shoo goo for the initial layer on top
Of the dry wall tape and you let it dry..you’ll have a LOT more luck with it not messing up your paint job ..I usually allow the paint job to cure for 1-2 days before putting any shoo goo on ..then like I said ..light first layer..let it dry ..and you should be good from there ..if you go heavy on the first coat it’s very likely it’ll penetrate the paint and bubble it