In need of help for Basher BBQ


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Hello all,

Comming sunday me and some friends are going to do some bashing in the area...After which we are going to BBQ...A Basher BBQ so to speak...So I was looking for some good recipes or marinade-recipes who taste good and will do well after a nice little bash...;)

So my dear fellow extended Arrma family, who wants to share some recipes?...:D

Thx in advance for any suggestion, tips, hints or jokes...:)

aka Aflan
We've had some luck with London Broil marinaded in Yoshidas sauce. After grilling slice into thin strips and let in sit in the juices. Great with some potatoe salad, macaroni salad etc. Season to taste with salt and pepper if you like!
Thx guys,

The Chick-fil-A cole slaw was a success...Very nice dressing...The recipe goes into the big book...:)
The London Broil not so much...But I think this has more to do with the way I tried to grill it and the meat I used...I like the idea of the marinade...So I will try it again...;)
Anyway, the BBQ-Bash was a success...I think we have a couple of new converts coming our way...:D

Thanks again...

aka Aflan