Installation of new ECS...any tips?

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I burned up my ECS and have a new one coming. Are there any tricks, tips or things to watch out when I install the new one? Should I just be able to install it and hook everything back up for it to work or will I need to do some resets? I know this is probably an elementary question but my first ECS install. Thanks for any feedback you might have.
Thanks WoodiE for the quick response! Great forum with a lot of good suggestions, tips and advice. Keep up the great work!
But remember, you have to learn the throttle way to the new ESC.
I have change the "mounting" with glue tape to a aluminium plate between chassis and ESC.
4 screws into the bottom of the ESC and 2 into the chassis, where the holes already there.
The reason for that was that the glue tape was loosen after just two runs and the ESC become loosen. I do not like ESC´s which are flying through the car while jumping.....

Btw. how you burned the old one?
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I just burned my BLX80.... I was just in time to remove the battery... big white cloud and an enormous smell. So I'll be changing my ESC soon as well. Maybe we can share experiences ;-)
We have changed our normal XT90 to XT90-anti-sparc-type.
Also if we had Car-kits, we most take stronger esc´s than necessary.
(but also mostly stronger motors! :p) Just in case of RTR cars I change e-patrs when the originals are broken.
We have in a 1:10 SC an Hobbywing Quickrun with monstertronic motor ... till yet no problems
In my 1:10 is an claimed Absima thrust ESC, but the brake is not so good. It is like ABS.
My best ESC´s are from Novak, LRP, and Graupner. But I have no other 1:8 ESC for tests in the Nero.
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