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I was just thinking about the ARRMA 1/10 scale cars and how everyone that owns one has had to modify or upgrade parts in order to over come the problems that are inherit to this group of cars. I would almost bet that there are no two that are exactly alike because of all of the mods people have had to do to get these things to run properly.
My Raider is my first hobby grade RC, came brushed.
As I improved in eye-hand and driving the brushed motor didn't provide enough excitement, so upgraded.
Piggybacking on Brother @WoodiE 's reply, modding is fun.
For me, modding is almost an addiction; "how can I make the car faster" or replace "faster" with many different RC characteristics.
And modding isn't just for performance, a quick peek through the photo gallery and you'll see some amazing appearance upgrades.
Side note; there are many talented members at AF with great artistic abilities.
I think, from what I have seen so far that there are indeed a lot of different vehicles based on the Arrma 1:10
every car has some issues which can be fixed by modifiying parts or hopups from Arrma or any other aftermarket manufacturer.
Modding, upgrading, changing the looks of your vehicle is all part of the hobby, everyone wants to have their vehicle look the way they think is best.
I've owned almost every brand of hobby grade RC (except Traxxas) and they ALL break and they ALL can be made to perform better or be more reliable with upgrade parts. That's the beautiful thing about hobby grade RC: You can hobby the living hell out of them and that's half the fun.
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