Talion Is it possible to hit 70mph with the stock motor.

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Whats going on guys,I'm new to the rc world.But i have a Talion that I bought. I'm tryna see what's the biggest pinion gear that i can put n it. It's has a 16t in it now. Not sure about the spur gear. I've got it up to about 63mph
For Speed Runs.. you can definitely. BUT you need to watch those temperatures.

Probably want to install some fans on your motor IF you expect to have it last a couple of 70MPH runs...
I believe it comes with a 20T as well called the “speed gear”, for pavement use only
Ok I'm doing some research some one just said the 20t was running there car hot. I'm wondering could I just go up one or two more teeth with out running the car hot. Maybe to a 17 or 18.
I think you should be able to. What I think it will come down to is your batteries and how good they are. The better quality the batteries, the more amperage they will put out, which will drive torque. And better batteries will have less voltage sag, increasing top rpm from the motor.
Just keep an eye on those temperatures, can't stress that enough.
And get some cooling fans on the motor..

(I sound like a damn broken record player... on repeat. )
The stock ESC and motor are capable of getting the car into the 90-98 mph range but it will require changing many things.
-spur setup for spool from the limitless v1
- large pinion
-longer droop screws
-possibly stiffer springs

If you are looking to stay closer to stock I would say 70 is the max for the original tires. 60+ they really start to stretch. No matter what high speed setups make the motor and esc very hot.

Reference for stock electronics going 96 mph

Oh wise one, you must show us young grasshoppers the paved road to proper RCing!;):LOL:

Just watching y'all's 6.
Making sure the smoke monster is kept at bay..
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