Typhon Is it safe to run a single 3s lipo in the typhon?

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I really want to run my typhon but all I have on hand right now for a battery is a single 3s lipo. I usually run it on either 4s or 6s. Will running a single 3s hurt it?
I asked arrma about using 3s on BLX185 v2 typhon and they said there is no problem at all as long as the battey is at least 5000mah 35c.

I also plan to use 3s on my local track for reduced speed. And I got 2 3s battery and 1 4s battery so that gives me 3 sets instead of just 2!
3s on 14T pinion is slow but enough for practicing. Maybe it's only meant for track running newb like me. Bashing on it isn't any fun. Full throttle hardly brings the nose up when jumping. At most it still keeps the car level. If you jump with nose down you are unlikely to bring it up soon enough. At least I can't. But I am very unskilled so you may try it yourself.

Recently I changed to the 16T pinion and with it 3s isn't that slow anymore. I even ran 3s on grass for bashing today. But after running 4s I don't think I will go back to using 3s for bashing anymore. So for me, 3s on 16T is now only for track running. You're never going to worry about the temperature on 3s though. It's still quick and responsive on track.
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