Vendetta Is there any advantage in putting a spektrum 120 amp ESC in?


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Just curious if I intend to still only run a 3S battery and keep everything else stock but upgrading the ESC to a 120 amp Spektrum would there be much or any advantage in doing so or are you better off leaving the 100a stock ESC in? Thanks?
I would save that money and buy a 6s rig.
The main advantage of using a higher amperage ESC is less heat. A larger capacity ESC will generally run cooler than the stock ESC when running hard. Also, some of the Spektrum higher amperage ESCs have more parameters you can adjust with a program card.

I've been considering putting a larger ESC in my Infraction 3s, which has the same chassis as the Vendetta. I might pick up a 130A ESC from Jenny's for around $79.
Coming from the perspective of other vehicles where i've switched to a 4s spektrum ESC: it runs cooler than the BLX100 or equivalent. Bigger fan, more mass (a good thing), and a few more ESC options (i believe).

But you won't get any performance benefit from just an ESC swap.
No change in performance, but the wallet will lose some weight.
Don't recommend changing unless you have a specific issue with the existing one.

This. If you’re not close to the limits of your ESC it won’t make any difference. Figure not what motor you want to run and pair it to the appropriate ESC. The Firma 120 is pretty low on my list of desirable ESCs.
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