Is this battery safe?


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Hey everyone I just got my batteries for my Kraton 6s and wanted to know if they are safe to use? I have 3s 5200mah 75c batteries. Any advice would be great. I don't want to ruin my car. I have seen other people running a 3s 5200 battery but the highest c number I have seen was 40, mine are 75c. And I have no idea what the c number stands for since I'm new to RC cars.


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  1. BigRock
It´s an multiplicatior. Normally you have an second C-Rate for charging. Generally it is not wrong to charge with one C-
5200mA -> one C = 5,2A charging power. If it is recommended with you're battery for example up to 2C, you can charge up to 10,4A. (half charging time but less lifetime of the battery.

Next C-Rate:
5000mA by 40C can give you 200A for a short time.
your battery can 5,200A x 75C = 390A.
This values are important to choose the right battery for the drive train of an model. Doesn't matter what kind of model.
You have to check how many Amps you´re system will take on maximum power ( with a offload car mud and grass and high grip)

But to answer simple: The battery which you have is quite OK! :)

Hope my description will help you a bit.