Is this the right soldering iron to use in this hobby?

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Hello everyone I just seen a thread where they suggest 63/37 type of soldering iron. I have this Kester one but have no idea how to read their label. Can someone tell me if this is good or should I switch? TIA :):)
The 63/37 is the solder itself, not the iron. As noted above, lead flows better while lead free is a bit harder to work with, as it requires more heat. But lead free also endures heat far better than leaded, which minimizes the chance of connections "un-soldering" themselves. What you have is lead free, but being 1mm, shouldn't be too bad. The 63/37 may be easier to learn with though as that one is leaded.

Here's an explanation of the label.

Sn-tin 96.5% Ag-silver 3% Cu-copper .5%

Sn-tin 63% Pb-lead 37%