Talion Issue: Caster spacer / caster shim goes missing

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Arrma RC's
  1. Talion
Lost one these on one of my front upper suspension arms, and when I check the manual part number AR330218, it's only the caster spacer / caster shim is sold with the entire upper front arm! ugh

Think they are 1mm, 2mm, in thickness

I know from racing millimetres make a difference to the handling for an RC vehicle.

Can someone suggest an alternative? I'm sure I'm not the only one who has run into this issue.

Maybe try a washer? I hear washers help add strength there anyway. I heard a 6mm (diameter) washer somewhere maybe?
Will try a washer in the meantime. Thanks

However was wondering if there was a replacement sold separately from another vehicle that works?
I use nylon washers because those little c clips are a pain and seem to always go missing but the nylon washer goes all the way around the stud instead of just partially. I picked mine up in the hardware section of home depot.
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